• Platform: MetaTrader-4 ( MT4 )
  • Price: $299 $149
  • License: Lifetime 



Introduction to 1000pip Climber System

The 1000pip Climber System incorporates an advanced trading algorithm that has been developed by an experienced algorithmic Forex trader. The aim of the system is to make it as easy as possible for the home trader to succeed in Forex trading.

The system itself will continuously analyze the Forex market and search for high probability trading opportunities. When there is a signal, the system can be set to notify you visually, audibly, or by email and MT4 push notifications.

An important aspect of this system is that all trade parameters are provided;

  • trade direction
  • entry price
  • take profit, and
  • stop loss

This makes the system very easy to use and it can be followed 100% mechanically – just follow the system and get results. This is one of the simplest ways to trade the FX market that we have seen.

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Managed Forex Accounts

A managed Forex account is a type of account in which a professional money manager trades a client account for a fee. By this way, investors can save precious time, earn stable returns, and reduce their overall portfolio risk.

Investors can choose between various types of managed accounts, but we focus on the PAMM, LAMM, and MAM accounts. The reason is that these three account types offer extended flexibility, low entrance requirements, and anti-fraud protection. PAMM investors are dealing directly with the Forex broker of their choice and money managers have no access to the investor’s capital.


What is Actually a Managed Forex Account?

A managed Forex account is a segregated trading account owned by each investor but managed by a professional money manager. A managed account should offer safety, transparency, flexibility and full control.

General Types of Managed Accounts

There are five general types of managed accounts: individual, pooled, PAMM, LAMM, and MAM.

(a) Individual Accounts

This is a classic account type and refers to an individual account where a professional money manager trades on the behalf of an investor. Usually, there are minimum deposit requirements that exceed $10K. The management fees are customizable, but as in any other managed account type, the fees are based on the performance.

  • Needs a lot of caution

  • High deposit requirements

  • Customizable fees

(b) Pooled Accounts

The pooled account type refers to an account type where many investors join their capital in a single fund and share fees, profits, and losses. The main advantage of a pooled account compared to an individual account is the lower deposit requirements. The deposit requirements start as low as $2K. The main disadvantage of a pooled account is the minimum period required before investors can withdraw their capital without a penalty.

  • Lower deposit requirements

  • Shared expenses and standard fees

  • Minimum period before investors can withdraw their capital

  • Penalties for early exit (withdrawal)


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All our plans are free to join, lasting permanently, and most importantly we will never widen your trading spreads, as other IBs do. That is our guarantee.

Trade Systems

A trading system is a set of specific processes and rules that can help traders to optimize their trading process, or to develop automated trading strategies (EAs):

» EA Builder for MT4 and MT5

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» Market Sentiment

» Forex PAMM Accounts

Forex Ratings

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» Dukascopy Europe

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Dukascopy Rebate

Dukascopy 30% Trading Rebate for the 1st month via the following Rebate Link:

  • Regulated Forex Broker
  • 0.3 pip average spread plus $4.8 commissions per round lot
  • Huge liquidity via the Swiss SWFX Market
  • JForex Automated platform, FIX/API
  • PAMM Accounts
  • Many Monthly Contests / Social Trading
  • Minimum Account is $100 (Dukascopy Europe)

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